Reaching Aids
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Reaching Aids can be quite handy and can be used for several different applications and personal use. Reaching Aids are used primarily to help get to items that are just a little out of reach. Whether you have a disability related to arthritis, back problems or other ailment, a reaching aid can help conquer activities of daily living. Reaching Aids come in different size lengths and also with different ergonomic handles. Some reaching aids are available in a folding style that makes it easier to fit in a purse or bag for travelling. A reaching aid can also help relieve strain and ease daily chores Take a look at the different reaching aid models below to see which one is right for you.

  • Invacare MULTI-pik Reacher

    Invacare MULTI-pik Reacher


    Invacare MULTI-pik Reacher: High or low, you can reach it! No more bending, stooping or stretching. 26-inch-long reaching aid has an ergonomic handle and grip to assure comfortable, continuous use. Quality construction resists rust and cleans easily.

  • Carex E-Z Grabber Reaching Aid

    Carex E-Z Grabber Reaching Aid


    These easy to use reachers help users grasp items from hard-to-reach places. A 90 degree rotating arm makes grasping objects easy from both above or below. Wrist support for those with weakened strength. Locking tab holds item in place for those lacking strength

  • Standard Assist Reacher

    Standard Assist Reacher


    Adds 32" to arm length to reduce stretching and bending when picking up objects. Ideal for individuals with limited hand strength. Ergonomically designed trigger for use with the whole hand. Opposite arm trigger on top of reacher allows for use with other hand, Jaws rotate 360. Serrated jaws allow for secure grip. Lightweight aluminum construction.

  • Carex Aluminum Reacher

    Carex Aluminum Reacher


    These reachers help users with weakened strength to grasp items from hard-to-reach places. They have magnetic tips to aid lifting small metal objects

  • Pik Stik TelescoPik Reacher

    Pik Stik TelescoPik Reacher


    The TelescoPik is the most versatile reacher ever. With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft, the TelescoPik adjusts from 30" - 44", bringing everything within easy reach. Durable, safe and lightweight design makes this the ideal reacher for all purposes.

Sometimes people think reaching aids are just for people with arthritis, back problems or the elderly, but that's not true. Here is a quote:

We wish we would have bought the reaching aid sooner, when my wife was pregnant with our two children. It would have been GREAT for that, since bending over is sometimes difficult (so I've been told) when you're pregnant. The length of the reaching aid allows a person to easily reach items on the floor without having to bend over, and this reacher can pick up lots of even tiny things with ease.

Reaching Aid Benefits: